Kindle: Just went LIVE on Amazon!

A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE MANY OF YOU who pre-ordered on Kindle. We are live on Amazon! You should be able to access book now.

Could you do me a favor and post a review in the first 24 hours. This will be very helpful! If you don’t know how to do this click here and scroll down until your see this:Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.18.19 PM*Also, you can purchase Kindle now here. Paperback release will be in the next few days.  

Would you consider helping get the word out this week in these ways:

  1. Click here to read Ch 1-3 and be ready to write a 2-sentence review on Amazon.
  2. Share Am I Loved? today in 2 specific ways.

(example of how to share: “My friend Shawn Petree is releasing his book this week. I have read the first few chapters and it’s ____________ ” Put your own version of this along with the image or video link above into your FB, twitter or Instagam feed)

Thank you for believing with us and helping us get the word out.



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