Lent: Belief On Ramp #1

Belief On-Ramp #1

In Chapter 1, the son in Jesus’ story longed to stuff himself with pig slop, but he knew that, even in his deep hunger, the food would not satisfy. The same is true for us. Only one thing curbs our longing, and it’s actually not a thing at all; it’s a return to the Father.

You have read a little of my story, and some of the story of the young man in Luke 15. Now take some time for yourself, at least an hour if you can. Here are a few questions/thoughts to consider:

  1. How do you feel today? (e.g., overwhelmed, confused, great, unfulfilled, lonely)
  2. Complete the following: I tend to try to control my environment or others around me when:

I often / sometimes / rarely seek approval from others.

(If sometimes or often, why do you think this is?)

  1. Have you had a significant moment in your life that caused you to consider the deeper questions of life? If so, how has this changed the way you live?
  2. What is one thing you have a hard time believing could ever change in your life?

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