Four Life Transforming Experiences

I’ve been reading a book titled, Jesus Plus Nothing. It is impacting me in that the author makes the case that Jesus provides experiences in our lives that we all desire. Experiences that often seem unattainable. As our family goes through this season of cancer we are comforted by these truths of Jesus outlined in the book.

Four Life Transforming Experiences:

The Experience of Peace: Jesus was all about peace.  Peace is not just absence of conflict or cessation of the battles waging in us and around us.  It’s a sense of inner calm that all is going to be alright.

The Experience of Joy:  Joy is different from happiness.  Joy is deeper than that.  Happiness depends upon the happenings that are going on right now.  Joy is an inner quality of seeing things with a positive perspective.  Joy is the ability to enjoy the scenery, when you are on a detour!

The Experience of Love:  Although peace and joy are commonly identified with Jesus, love is the theme of who Jesus is and what he taught.  Most Christian children know the song, “Jesus loves me, this I know.”  Jesus is the epitome of love. To act like Jesus is to do the loving thing. – This love relationship is so tight that a follower of Jesus can actually own the love of God in himself.

The Experience of Grace: Grace is something you don’t deserve, something you didn’t work for, something you weren’t able to plan for or to orchestrate. Grace is given by Jesus, many times with no rhyme or reason to it. – Two of the dynamics within the experience of grace are forgiveness and freedom.

As we reflect on these experiences, we are reminded that we are being invited into the peace, joy, love and grace of Jesus every day, every moment. He is with us, we are in his care.

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